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Imagine waking up every morning with super shiny, thick, voluminous hair that looks beautifully natural and full of life and body? At Daniel Galvin we understand that the best hair extensions are about more than just length; they’re about giving you a flawlessly beautiful look with the feel, colour and texture of naturally luscious locks. The beauty experts at Daniel Galvin work with only the highest quality extensions from super brands Gold Class and Great Lengths to seamlessly blend with your natural hair and give you dreamy, healthy, shiny hair that will be your greatest beauty asset.

With a reputation for being the best salon in the industry when it comes to colour, here at Daniel Galvin we’re known for working with inventive techniques and the latest cutting-edge beauty expertise to create naturally gorgeous looks. It only follows that our award-winning hair extension team are equally dedicated to giving clients the most flawless hair and natural-looking extensions possible.  Available in all three of our salons, the winning combination of thoughtful attention to detail, a tailor-made approach to every client’s hair and the dreamy, voluminous, natural-looking texture and colour of our exceptional extensions make us the most sought-after hairdressers in London when it comes to hair extensions you will love.

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We have been perfecting the art of extensions for years and working with the most exclusive brands in the industry, from Gold Class to Great Lengths. Leaving clients with a beautifully natural look, We blend thick, voluminous extensions seamlessly with natural hair to give a thick, luxuriously long and gorgeously natural effect.

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Our hand-picked, highly qualified team are experts in their field. Each Daniel Galvin extensionist must have at least three years experience in the application of hair extensions before they can apply the Gold Class standard. They all continue to advance their skills, making Daniel Galvin the best salon for hair extensions.

Daniel Galvin has been selected as one of ten elite salons for Gold Class when it comes to hair extensions, so you know you’re in safe hands. Working closely with the latest cutting-edge materials and techniques the team guides you through the process, in either one of our sleek salons or in the privacy of your own hotel room or residence. The process starts with a bespoke consultation, a hair health diagnosis and an in-depth approach that looks at suitability and colours to give you the natural-looking hair of your dreams.


At Daniel Galvin we use only the highest quality and most luxurious extensions and offer a bespoke service whereby these are matched to your natural hair. This means that every strand applied to the hair is the same weight and density as your natural hair, so the extension doesn’t add any extra pressure or tension to the scalp. The result? Providing you take care of your extensions and have them changed every three months they won’t cause any damage to your natural hair or scalp.

We only use the finest, ethically sourced bonded hair extensions from super brands Gold Class and Great Lengths to ensure you’re left with hair that is ultra healthy, shiny, voluminous and strong. Our gentle cleansing and processing techniques preserve the integrity and quality for dreamy, show-stopping hair.

We also use Beauty Works tape extensions an award winning product design. Made from 100% real Remy human hair.

Q & A

The new breed of hair extensions have the look, feel and colour of lusciously healthy, natural hair, giving you dreamy locks that won’t damage your natural hair. The new generation of extensions are the key to the ultra thick, healthy-looking hair of your dreams!

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There may be a lot of extensionists out there nowadays, but personally we think that what makes a difference is the fact that every client we work on leaves the salon with the most natural end result, no one would ever know that they even have extensions in! There’s nothing better than the feeling of having thick, voluminous hair that blends perfectly with your natural hair. These days extensions aren’t just about trying to get the longest hair possible, it’s more about having thick, healthy-looking hair – and that’s exactly what the extensions we apply create!

Firstly, remember to always brush your hair from root to tip. Do this twice daily with a paddle brush made from boar bristles, as it won’t damage the hair. It’s essential to use a shampoo and conditioner specifically designed for hair extensions; a sulphate free range is a must-have. We also use a PH balancer product to keep the bonds in the very best condition and having your extensions changed every three months is also essential.

So long as you take care of your hair extensions properly whilst they’re in (so by brushing them daily), and have them changed after three months, then they won’t cause any damage to your natural hair or scalp. Every hair extension strand applied to the hair is the same weight and density as the natural hair that we are attaching it to, so therefore the extension doesn’t add any extra pressure or tension to the hair. This is because at Daniel Galvin we only work with the highest quality brands (Gold Class and Great Lengths), whereas some other extension brands can be thicker or denser than natural hair and therefore are more likely to cause damage.

No. The Gold Class extensions are pre-bonded using Polymer bonds. They are special custom bond formulated for strength and endurance. They are designed so they don’t damage natural hair in any way. Maintenance is incredibly important.

Brush your hair from root to tip twice daily with a paddle brush made from boar bristles. Ese a shampoo and conditioner designed for hair extensions- a sulphate (SLS) free one is a must. Also use a PH balancer product to keep the bonds in the very best condition. As mentioned before having your extensions changed every 3 months is essential too.

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