Daniel Galvin has played a significant role in creating the modern hairdressing industry, his ground breaking approach and his innovations in colour have been rewarded with an OBE and his name has become a byword for beautiful colour.

Daniel is part of a hairdressing dynasty reaching back to the 1800’s and his personal approach to colour has revolutionised the world’s hairdressing industry. The flagship London salon is the hub of a premium hairdressing brand that has journeyed with Daniel from the swinging 60’s to celebrity colourist status and beyond. Daniel is joined in the business by daughter Louise, and his teams of skilled and trusted hairdressing professionals.

Daniel begins a formal hairdressing apprenticeship after working as a Saturday boy in his father’s London Salon. Daniel becomes fascinated with the transformational qualities of colouring hair and begins to make this his focus.

Daniel began experimenting with hair cuttings, blending dyes and making his own colour charts. His skills were head hunted by star salon owner of the day Leonard Lewis. Daniel created model Twiggy’s pale blonde with a natural application technique called ‘brickwork’ which is now used by colourists worldwide.

Daniel begins experimenting with his early ‘natural beauty enhancement’ philosophy creating semi-permanent shades with black coffee, lemon juice, henna, egg and red wine. He develops many new application and placement techniques such as ‘Tortoiseshell Highlights’.

Daniel begins basing colour choice on skin tone and eye colour, another approach that quickly became a worldwide standard by colourists. Daniel is called upon to work on blockbuster movies such as Clockwork Orange and Murder on the Orient Express. He opens Europe’s first colour specialist salon in George Street, Marylebone.

Daniel devotes a decade to launching his own signature line of professional hair colour and the first haircare line devoted to preserving colour.

Daniel takes the Far East by storm with a colour line launch in Japan. Throughout the decade Daniel explores and invents many new techniques that support his ‘natural beauty enhancement’ philosophy.

His techniques add depth, movement and importantly shine to gorgeous natural looking colour and he is quoted as the man responsible for ‘millions of Japanese women colouring their hair’.

Daniel relocates to the 9000 square foot colour specialist salon on George Street dedicating one entire spacious floor to colour services.

In 2006 he is awarded an OBE for his services to hair colour and the hairdressing industry.

The highly skilled Daniel Galvin team continue to attract celebrity clients, media coverage and film work.

The Corinthia Hotel partner salon opens with its own dedicated Movie Makeover Room. The Mulberry’s Day Spa in Beaconsfield becomes the first hosted Daniel Galvin salon to open outside London. A new salon in Kensington becomes the latest addition to the Daniel Galvin family.

“Fashions fade. Style is eternal.”

– Yves Saint Laurent