G Meredith- “Gary Price has changed my life”

By Daniel Galvin PR

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About eight years ago I noticed a small bald patch around my hairline. I had always had thick hair and although it had become slightly thinner with age this discovery was quite shocking to me. My hairdresser reassured me that this can happen and gave me some positive advice on how to restore my hair as she had herself had a similar problem in the past. Fortunately for her, her hair recovered but mine didn’t. I saw a female GP at my practice who was less than sympathetic, telling me “hair loss is hair loss” She sent me away with a steroid lotion which did nothing so I sought the help of a trichoiogist who reassured me that he could help and restore my hair.

I underwent several rounds of “stimulating” treatment which did not help and by this time my hair loss was becoming worse and my bank balance was much lighter. I returned to the GP and was eventually referred to the Dermatology Department who in turn referred me to a Hair Loss Specialist at Guys Hospital. He told me immediately that he could do nothing for me on the NHS although he could have done if he had seen me earlier but if I would like to attend his Harley Street Clinic there were many options he could Offer.

By this time I felt at a loss and was also dealing with a lot of personal issues which I have no doubt didn’t help. I was desperate to do something about the situation but didn’t know which way to turn. I then saw Gary Price on TV and something told me this was the place to go to get the advice and help I needed. I made an appointment and haven’t looked back since. I had my free consultation with Gary Price and he has changed my life. He is quiet and considerate, listens to how you are feeling and gives the best advice on how to move forward with a distressing situation. We decided a custom made hair piece was the best option for me and his attention to detail in getting it exactly right is second to none. He is there for you every step of the way and deals with your emotional and aesthetic situation quietly and reassuringly. He knows exactly what you need without pressurising you in anyway at all. I am now onto my second hairpiece and I would (and have) recommend anyone experiencing any kind of hair loss, whatever their circumstances, to go to Gary. I trust him completely and know that I can speak to him at any time or pop in to make adjustments as required. I cannot thank him enough for making me feel like myself again. He is the ultimate expert and has restored my confidence.

Thank you Gary.

G Meredith

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