Fay- “Gary has been fundamental to helping me find a wig solution”

By Daniel Galvin PR

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Gary Price has been fundamental to helping me find a wig solution that works for me.  I have had Alopecia Totalis since I was very little and didn’t decide that I wanted to wear a wig until I was twenty-five so when I ventured into the world of wigs I wasn’t just looking for a wig, but an expert to advise me on what’s possible, what’s available and crucially, what suits me and thankfully, I found this in Gary. He has an innate ability to immediately put me at ease, to understand me and my style and based on that information, make suggestions as to which solution would work best for me.  I decided that a bespoke wig would be the best option for me, which Gary cuts and styles for me and I could not be happier with the results! Gary’s expertise, sensitivity and skill means that I have never left one of his consultations feeling like I’m wearing a wig; I always leave feeling like me.

Fay Carter

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