Wig VAT Exemption

VAT Relief Eligibility Declaration


  • Claim VAT relief (20%)
  • Wigs and hairpieces only
  • Qualify with a medical hair loss condition
  • Available in salon and online purchases
  • Provide GP/health professional details
  • Complete & validate exemption form before purchase
  • Can be completed on the wearers behalf by a representative

Q & A

What is the VAT relief?

The UK government allows the supply of Wigs and Hairpieces to people affected by medical hair loss conditions at zero rated VAT which means you can reduce your purchase price.

How do I claim VAT relief online?

Before your purchase (after your consultation), fill in the VAT exemption form on this page, with all the required details, and submit it online. We will validate the information and supply a VAT free cost when you come to pay for your wig or hairpiece. Each purchase requires a new form.

How do I qualify for the relief?

You can qualify to claim the VAT exemption when you buy a wig or hairpiece for personal use from Daniel Galvin provided you have been affected by medical hair loss condition; examples include Alopecia (Totalis and Areata), Post-Operative Hair Loss, and Chemotherapy Treatment.

Please note the VAT exemption only applies to the actual wigs or hairpieces. They can be purchased in salon or online. The VAT exemption does not apply to cut and colour service or any accessories.

Can someone fill in the details and sign on my behalf?

Yes. If the wearer is unable to sign the declaration a representative can complete and sign for the VAT exemption such as a parent, guardian, representative, doctor or other health professional.

A VAT free wig or hairpiece can be supplied to a trustee acting on that wearers behalf or a spouse, parent or guardian.

Can I claim VAT relief in salon or by email?

Yes, you can. You have the option to pick up a paper form at the salon or request an email with a copy for you to scan, print, sign and send back via email or post.

Can I do this at any Daniel Galvin salon?

No. This VAT exemption is only processed by the Wig Service Department at Daniel Galvin Selfridges (Daniel Galvin Management Ltd).

What can happen if the information is invalid?

Please ensure that the form is completed and that the details submitted are accurate. The Daniel Galvin Wigs Department will validate the submission, and missing or incomplete information can delay the sale. Please note, HMRC can impose penalties for making false declarations.

Can I claim VAT relief after the purchase?

No. The request for VAT exemption must be made before the purchase is completed.

How are my personal details stored & managed?

Please see our privacy policy.

HMRC Relief Helpline

If you are in any doubt as to whether you are eligible to receive goods or services zero-rated for VAT you should consult Notice 701/7 VAT reliefs for disabled people, available at www.hmrc.gov.uk, or contact the VAT Disabled Reliefs Helpline on 0300 123 1073, before completing the declaration

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