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In Depth – Cyberhair & V-Hair New Technology For Wigs

By Gary Price

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Image: V-Hair wig

Amazing new technology in wig & hairpiece design now available at Daniel Galvin.


V-Hair is a revolutionary fibre that feels, looks and behaves just like real hair. You can wash, blow-dry and style it just like your own hair. It is durable, soft, colour stable and easy to care for. The extraordinary construction of  V-hair makes it an almost perfect replica of human hair. V-Hair is ideal for use in bespoke wigs and hairpieces. It can be colour matched to any shade and the wave pattern adjusted to match any style.

Image: Cyberhair wig


Cyberhair is a synthetic fibre however the texture, appearance and characteristics are very similar to human hair and it has the ability to absorb moisture. Cyberhair has many incredible qualities including durability and lightness. It is colour stable and has a “style and curl memory”. This means that electric styling appliances and hair dryers can used on Cyberhair, permanently changing the original style. The Cyberhair is perfect for hairpieces or full wigs.

cyberhair hair piece before

before cyberhair hairpiece fitting

cyberhair hair piece fitted

after cyberhair hairpiece fitting

New technology for hairpieces

This new technology is ideal for hairpieces to blend in with your real hair perfectly. It can be colour matched to any shade and the wave pattern adjusted to match any style. The colour is stable and will not change over time.

The science

The science behind Cyberhair and V-hair is brilliant and can be seen with a microscope. The hair fibre texture closely resembles human hair when compared with synthentic hair.

human hair cuticle microscop

human hair

v-hair cuticle microscope


synthetic hair cuticle microscope



Daniel Galvin’s Wig Director will be happy to guide you through choosing the best type of wig. While we endeavour to carry a wide choice of colours and styles, if the style, colour or texture of the wig you require is not already in our collection we will certainly be able to source the perfect hairpiece or wig. More information and full description of the Daniel Galvin Bespoke Wig Service

Medical VAT exemption

All wigs supplied for any medical hair loss such as chemotherapy treatment, Alopecia, female pattern hair loss etc normally have a VAT exemption on any wig or hairpiece purchased.


For any enquiries or to book a consultation in a private room call us on 0207 3183663 or email Gary.price@danielgalvin.com

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