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Fabric Style Wellbeing- “Fabric Recommends Gary Price”

Fabric Style & Wellbeing. July August 2022. Fabric Recommends Gary Price at Daniel Galvin When the author is faced with imminent chemo-induced hair loss, she knew she had to go to the best in the business. The article points out Gary Price is reliably accessible, which is exactly what is needed when juggling hospital appointments [...]
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In Depth – Cyberhair & V-Hair New Technology For Wigs

Image: V-Hair wig Amazing new technology in wig & hairpiece design now available at Daniel Galvin. V-hair® V-Hair is a revolutionary fibre that feels, looks and behaves just like real hair. You can wash, blow-dry and style it just like your own hair. It is durable, soft, colour stable and easy to care for. The [...]

Gary Price | Wig speaker at the Get Ahead of Hair Loss Event – 2019 Sep 22

Image: Courtesy of Get Ahead of Hair Loss Gary Price, Daniel Galvin’s Wig Director is invited back again as a main speaker at the 2019 Get Ahead of Hair Loss event this September on the 22nd. The one-day event based at the Royal Society of Medicine 1 Wimpole Street in London is designed to dispel [...]
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In Depth – Ready To Wear Wig Types

Image: Remy human hair wig by Gary Price Choosing a wig for the first time can seem confusing, as there are so many types and styles to choose from. The terminology used to describe the various wig types, how they are made, and the different price points just add to the confusion. So, lets first [...]
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In Depth- “3 Most Asked Questions About Chemotherapy Wigs”

Image: ready to wear human hair wig by Gary Price.   As the Wig director and designer at Daniel Galvin Selfridges, i deal directly with clients on a daily basis who are about to undergo chemotherapy. This article is based on answering the three questions that I’m asked most often. “Don’t synthetic wigs look artificial?” [...]

In Depth- “Custom Made Wig Design Process”

Custom wig design process Throughout the bespoke wig or hairpiece creation you will be guided by Gary Price, Daniel Galvin's Wig Director at Selfridges in London. During the initial consultation he will discuss the options available to suit your particular needs and expectations. Gary will assist your decision making by showing you a variety of [...]