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Hair Magazine- “Eve Opie Steps Into The Daniel Galvin Apprenticeship”

By Daniel Galvin PR

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apprenticeship feature hair magazine daniel galvin

apprenticeship feature hair magazine daniel galvin

Hair Magazine. March 2024. Daniel Galvin Colour Apprenticeship with Eve Opie

The world class Daniel Galvin Apprenticeship has a main feature in Hair Magazine. Eve Opie embarks on a journey into the very top end of hairdressing. Her thrilling adventure heads into the realm of colour specialisation skills passed down from the Daniel Galvin (OBE) himself.

The in depth article covers Eve’s motivation for pursuing a career in hairdressing. She share some of her most valuable skills and techniques. Eve explains how her experiences have shaped her approach to hairdressing and staying ahead of trends and how apprentices contribute to the salons innovation and cutting edge reputation.

“My particular interest lay in hair colouring, and knowing that Daniel Galvin held the best reputation in the industry, I reached out to them.”

Eve Opie

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