Tonia- “Gary Price is the only medical hair specialist I would trust”

By Daniel Galvin PR

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Gary Price has saved my sanity on many occasions; he is a miracle worker in my opinion. Alopecia blighted my life and badly affected my confidence when I was younger (wish I had known Gary then!). When female pattern baldness struck again years later (during a ton of stress and peri-menopausal) it was a massive blow to my self-image, but from the minute I met Gary he helped me to accept the situation, to not worry every time I looked in the mirror and to feel as if I could cope with whatever happened next. Losing your crowning glory is very hard and it’s even harder to trust anyone to deal with this, but Gary is worth every penny. If you need a wig, he is the only medical hair specialist I would trust to make something very special. I can’t thank him enough for improving my confidence and self-esteem when I was at an all-time low and on every occasion since.


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